Jessica & Trent’s Hoboken Proposal

February 11, 2022

Pier C Hoboken Night Proposal

Trent asked Jessica to be his wife in this stunning Pier C Hoboken Night proposal! They met in college over 5 years ago and now they’re getting married! Read all about the day and their story here.

How they met

“We met each other through mutual friends while we were both attending Monmouth University in West Long Branch. We started dating in May 2017.”

One of the best ways to meet your spouse! Also where I met my hubby 🙂

About their first date

Trent: “I can’t remember our first date exactly, I think we might have gone out to eat or hung out somewhere on campus but we didn’t really put any emphasis on those kinds of things then.”

I can definitely relate, college and dating is pretty much hanging out anywhere together.

What they love to do together

“We love trying new restaurants, traveling to new places, and spending our downtime together watching tv or movies.”

Every experience with your loved one is the best!

Why Jessica is so special to Trent

“She has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. She is incredibly thoughtful, sweet, and knows how to bring out the best of the people around her. For these last 5 years, she’s helped shape me into being a better person every single day. I have never been so motivated to go tackle my goals as I am with her by my side. I could never imagine building a life without her in it, with me, every day.”

Yes, this is my favorite part to read!

Why Trent choose this place to propose

“When we first met, she brought me on a tour of Staten Island. Being from New Jersey, I really didn’t know what to expect outside of the stereotypical things. When we were on the north side of the island, she kept mentioning where we could find the best view of the city on the island. Over the last few years, she always points out the city when it’s on the horizon, and comments how much she loves the view. I know the view of the city is beautiful in Hoboken so I wanted to use the city as a backdrop to us getting engaged.”

It was spectacular! Take a look below 🙂

That moment Trent knew Jessica was the one

“I’m not sure exactly when the first time was but there have been a ton of “I know why you’re the one” moments. Many of my favorite moments are when we’re traveling, whether it’s a flight to Fort Lauderdale, or a road trip to Nashville, traveling together has always been effortless. We always have great conversations on the way to our destination, have the best time together while we’re there and both drag our feet when its time to leave. Every time we try something or go somewhere new, I always remember why she’s the one.”


About the Proposal

Trent wanted to make it super romantic so he booked a room at the W Hoboken Hotel with the amazing city views. His plan was to go on a walk before dinner, propose and then celebrate with dinner at the Hotel. The W Hotel is perfect as it’s just across from Pier C with these stunning views. We lucked out because normally February is very chilly, but it actually ended up being close to 50, which felt like summer! See all the beautiful moments here:

Hoboken Pier C Night Proposal Photo
Hoboken Pier C Night Proposal Photo

Pier C Hoboken Night Portraits

Despite the dark night sky, we were able to get some really great photos right on Pier C. It was actually good timing since there weren’t any people around so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves! See more of the great night portrait photos here:

Hoboken Pier C Night Proposal Photo

Congratulations Jessica and Trent on your engagement at Pier C in Hoboken!! You are both such a pleasure to be around and I was honored to take these once in a lifetime photos for you! Enjoy every moment of your upcoming nuptials!

Tell me, what was your favorite part of this proposal? Read more joyful stories here.

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