Lauryn + Chris’ NYC Proposal

October 6, 2020

A Governors Island Proposal

Lauryn and Chris are engaged!! This NYC proposal on Governors Island was magical! Chris had been planning it for some time and wanted to surprise Lauryn in a beautiful way, which he definitely did! She said yes 🙂

About Lauryn and Chris

Lauryn and Chris met online and found out that they lived just around the corner! (What a small world! Isn’t it amazing when that happens?) Their first date was at a wine bar, which was a perfect beginning since they both enjoy wine!

What they love to do together

Lauryn and Chris love to walk around the city, take in the sights and enjoy the great restaurants and wine bars NYC has to offer. They love spending nights at home binge watching episodes of Dateline or Law & Order SVU.
Who else loves to cuddling up with their love and binge watching shows? Me please!

What makes Lauryn so special to Chris

“Everything. She is the most caring person I know”

Why Chris choose this place to propose

Since they live downtown and always talk about how beautiful lower Manhattan is, Chris thought it would make the perfect backdrop for the proposal and he was right!

The time when Chris knew Lauryn was the one:

“I knew she was the one from the first date. I went home and deleted my datings apps because I knew I found the one.”
I love the honesty, when you know, you know!

About the Proposal

Chris knew he wanted the perfect NYC downtown backdrop and decided Governors Island would be perfect. The week before, I actually met Chris and his mom Paula to pick the exact spot for the proposal. She is truly kind and I can see where Chris gets his thoughtfulness and excellent manners. Chris pretended to have doctor appointments and was worried Lauryn would catch on but she had no idea! Here’s a photo of them on the rainy afternoon location scouting 🙂
What a difference the sun makes, we were all so thankful the day of was sunny with no rain! On the morning of, my husband Dan and I discreetly walked passed Lauryn and Chris who were waiting on the same ferry to Governors Island. Normally I like to get there ahead of time but since it was the first ferry out, we were on the same one. Dan and I made sure we were the first ones off the ferry and at the location so we could set up the shot. It all worked out! See the shots below:
My clients know it’s my absolute favorite to take photos right after a proposal as the emotions are so fresh and full of love and joy! Both Lauryn and Chris were up for anything and it was so hard to pick my favorites!

Congratulations Lauryn and Chris on your engagement on Governors Island in NYC! My husband Dan and I were so thankful to capture these special moments and wish you both the best!
Tell me, what was your favorite part of this proposal? Read more joyful stories here!

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  1. Mary Keane says:

    These photos are amazing….thank you so much for capturing this moment for us all.

  2. Carol and Mike Reilly says:

    Congratulations to you both! The pictures are so beautiful and you both look sooo happy together. Sending much love. ❤️❤️❤️

    Carol and Mike

  3. Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Kevin says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. Chris, you are a true romantic, planning this wonderful day you will never forget! So happy she said yes 😉 Congratulations to you both! All our love from CA 🙂 xo

  4. Mia Salvatore says:

    So happy for you! Beautiful ring and stunning photographs.