Lauren + Robert’s Elopement

May 21, 2020

A Winter Hackensack Elopement | Bergen County Courthouse


Lauren and Robert eloped at the Bergen County Courthouse on the sweetest day of the year, Valentine’s Day! Of course it ended up being one of the coldest winter days but the love and joy between them shone through in every photo!! Props to Lauren for braving the cold, it was truly freezing! How stunning is she?

How they met

Lauren and Rob met through work over 13 years ago and were just friends at first! How amazing is that?? A strong friendship is the perfect foundation to build a marriage.

About Their First Date

They have been together over two and a half years and remember that their first date was at a Devil’s Hockey Game!
Lauren: “It wasn’t originally planned as a date, but it was the first time we spent together alone outside work and as the night rolled on, the sparks were flying!”

What the love about each other:

Lauren: I admire his intelligence, generosity and patience!
Rob: What makes Lauren special to me is her passion, excitement and strength.

How he proposed:

Lauren: “I was definitely surprised! We were having drinks and enjoying a beautiful May evening on our porch. We talked about everything that night, by the end of it Rob snuck back inside to grab the ring and came back outside and got down on one knee.”

What they are looking forward to most:

“Being with my best friend and starting a family!” I love that, definitely some of my favorite parts of marriage too!

I am so thankful to have met you both Lauren and Rob on your special day at the Bergen County Courthouse. Your elopement was so special and how sweet that you were able to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple! This is only the beginning!
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