Chloe & Jake’s Jersey City Proposal

December 11, 2023

A Paulus Hook Jersey City Proposal

Jake surprised Chloe when he proposed at Paulus Hook in Jersey City and she said yes! Read all about the day and their story here.

How they met and about their first date

Jake: “Chloe and I have been dating over 5 years. She’s originally from Central NJ and I’m from the Philadelphia area. We met about 6 years ago working together at Macy’s in their NYC corporate offices (where I still work). We no longer work together as she’s moved on to bigger and better things but we’ve been a couple ever since. We just moved to Jersey City last April, but prior to that we got our first apartment together the year before in Manhattan.

Our first date was at Ivan Ramen on the Lower East Side. The week prior, I had left my phone in a taxi after a work event. Chloe helped me track it down. Unlike a ride share app like Uber or Lyft , tracking down a yellow taxicab in Manhattan is not an easy task, but somehow she found the cab service number and got me in touch with the driver and eventually got my phone back. I told her I owed her a dinner as a thank you and the rest is history. I wish I could say I left my phone in the cab on purpose and arranged this whole thing to get a date with the girl in the office I had a crush on, so let’s go with that. I’ve lost phones since, but as long as I never lose her, I’ll be complete.”

This sounds like something from a romantic comedy! Jake, I’m so glad you lost your phone 🙂

What they love to do together

“We love a good old fashioned dinner/movie theater date. We both like to try new restaurants in NYC/Jersey City as much as possible, but our absolute favorite restaurant is not up for debate, it’s Pig and Khao in Lower East Side, where we still frequent even now that we live in Jersey. Outside of eating, we love experiencing new television/cinema together. When the weather is nice, we like to go on walks together, and a lot of our more recent walks have actually brought us past the very spot I will be proposing. With every passing day, I try to get Chloe more and more into my passions of watching my favorite sports teams and playing video games (I’m making more progress with the latter). And with every passing day, she tries to get me more and more into her passion of reading (I almost finished 1 book this year….she’ll probably be on number 60 by the time I propose…that is not an exaggeration).”

No wonder I connected so well with Chloe and Jake. I also love reading, although lately I have been listening to audiobooks. Something that worked for my husband and me is listening to audiobooks on long drives in the car (it’s the only way my husband Dan will “read” a book). My husband also loves video games so I can relate Chloe, hehe.

Why Chloe is so special to Jake

“Sometimes it’s as simple as saying our relationship is special because, in her, I found someone I truly love infinitely and I can tell from her words and actions every day that she loves me infinitely back, but relationships are nothing close to “simple” so here are a couple qualities Chloe has that makes her the woman I want to marry.

Chloe’s personality compliments mine in such a way as I’ve never experienced before. While there is an endless list of traits we share that make our relationship strong, it’s our differing traits that make us the strongest. The areas where I need the most improvement as a human being are some of her strongest, and whether she would admit it or not, the areas where she is lacking are some of my strongest…even something as simple as being more adventurous when it comes to food (think that’s the only thing I’ve gotten her to admit my positive impact so far). But beyond the little things, I sometimes use comedy or my (self-described) “care-free personality” as a shield to the more serious moments of life. Chloe teaches me the importance of not treating everything in life as a joke. And on the other side of the spectrum, when life gets hard and Chloe struggles to see the good, I’m there to lighten the mood as best I can. I truly believe that because of how our personalities fit together, there are no challenges in life we cannot overcome. 

I’ve never met someone so steadfast in defense of the people she loves. If an unlucky stranger were to say anything less than ideal about one of her close friends or family members, even in jest, she will be unrelenting in defense of that loved one. I consider myself beyond lucky to now count myself as a member of that privileged group that Chloe will defend tirelessly. Even in cases where I might not deserve it, it does not matter. Right or wrong, deserving or undeserving, Chloe will stand by my side. Not sure what else you could ask for out of someone you plan to marry than that quality. It’s a quality of hers I’ll forever be envious of and will try to emulate as best as I can every day for the rest of my life, and most likely still never get to her level.”

Those are very admirable qualities Jake, Chloe is definitely a keeper. It’s so great you see all sides of her and yourself and know there is room of improvement. That is half the battle in marriage :)”

Why Jake choose this place to propose

“Outside of the fact that the view of the lower Manhattan skyline is breathtaking, it is incredibly fitting that one of the defining moment of our relationship take place somewhere with a view of New York City in the background, the city that brought us together 6 years ago. And while NYC will be in the background, representing our past, the proposal itself will be in New Jersey, representing our future together (until one day when I can finally convince her to move to Philly).”

I love how Jake put so much thought into the place to propose. Despite the rain, we were able to take some beautiful, romantic photos. 

That moment Jake knew Chloe was the one

“It is hard to pinpoint any one moment as our love has grown strongly and steadily over the last 5 years since our first date. We have had so many wonderful memories together at this point that it is truly astonishing to think about how this is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to our lives together.”

About the Proposal

Jake wanted to propose to Chloe in rain or shine. I got to the spot early to make sure I could get the perfect shot. Some of Chloe and Jake’s family and friends were there too to make sure everything went smoothly as well. See all the photos here:

Family and Friends

A few of Chloe and Jake’s family and friends were there to help make sure the proposal event went off without a hitch. We took a few photos here:

Paulus Hook Jersey City Portraits

I love being able to take some portraits of my couples on their special day. Despite the rain and fog, we were able to get many beautiful shots, see here:

Paulus Hook Jersey City Proposal Photo
Paulus Hook Jersey City Proposal Photo
Paulus Hook Jersey City Proposal Photo
Paulus Hook Jersey City Proposal Photo

Congratulations Chloe and Jake on your Paulus Hook Jersey City proposal! Thank you for choosing me to be there to capture this once in a lifetime moment. I sincerely wish you both the very best and that your wedding day is full of joy just like this day was.

Tell me, what did you like most about this proposal? For more love stories, click here.

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