Margaret & Zachary’s Hoboken Proposal

May 28, 2023

A Hoboken Pier A Waterfront Proposal

The evening for this Hoboken Pier A waterfront proposal was beyond perfect! Margaret (Meg) and Zachary (Zach) are officially engaged! Read all about the day and their story here.

How they met and about their first date

Zach: “Technically our first date was prom my Junior year, that was the night I asked her to be my girlfriend. Our first real date was at an Italian restaurant in downtown Omaha.”

What they love to do together

“We love to go on walks with our dog, get brunch at local spots, go to breweries, visit new cities, and love spontaneous adventures.”

Why Meg is so special to Zach

“She is so determined and passionate about everything meaningful to her. She’s very kind hearted and welcoming to new ideas. She bravely faces new challenges and always acts with conviction. Her personality can light up a room and there’s never a dull day with her.”

Why Zach choose this place to propose

Since he was visiting from Nebraska, Zach wanted to make sure the place for the proposal had an epic view of New York City. He definitely choose the right place!

That moment Zach knew Meg was the one

“I think I knew she was going to be the one after Freshman year of college. I went to college in a different city and she was still a senior in high school so it was our first time since we had been together that we wouldn’t see each other every day and once we got through that as teenagers I knew we could get through anything.”

About the Proposal

Zach went above and beyond for this proposal. It was their first time in NYC and he brought Meg to NYC to see Taylor Swift live in concert, which was absolutely amazing. He planned for both of their families to be there to surprise them right after the proposal to celebrate. Zach even flew her parents out there, which is so sweet! See all the photos here:

Hoboken Pier A Waterfront Proposal Photo

Hoboken Pier A Waterfront Portraits

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Congratulations Meg and Zach on your Hoboken Pier A waterfront proposal! Everything went absolutely perfect, I hope you have the best time planning your wedding!

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