Caroline & Jared’s Hoboken Proposal

June 29, 2021

A Waterfront Hoboken Proposal

I truly enjoyed this waterfront Hoboken proposal! Caroline and Jared (known as JD) were college sweethearts when the sparks flew. Read more about the day and their story here!

How they met

JD: “Caroline and I met at John Hopkins University in February 2014 where I was a senior on the football team and she was a freshman on the basketball team.”
And sparks flew! I love hearing how my couples met. My husband and I also met in college, such a great place to meet your significant other 🙂

About their first date

JD: “Caroline flew out to California that summer to visit me and my family and we went to the Pelican Hill Coliseum restaurant.”
Wow what commitment already Caroline! That’s so cool that their first date was in Cali, such a great place!

What they love to do together

“We’re both very competitive and love playing tennis and watching sports. We have a puppy named Clipper who we can’t wait to go on hikes with.”
I got to meet Clipper, he is simply the cutest! JD made sure he would also be included in this special day!

Why Caroline is so special to JD

“Caroline has a personality that lights up any room. She’s incredibly kind and caring and not mention, beautiful!”

Their Song

All Because of You by O.A.R.
“It’s all because
I wanna matter when we go outside and
Hold you hand when we say goodnight and
Tell you how I’m goin’ to make our dreams come true
It’s all because of you
I made a promise in the mornin’ breezes
You can have all the space you need and
You know me better than you ever need to prove
All because of you
I know I can be a better man and
Learn to run when it’s hard to stand and
Find the songs in everything you do
It’s all because of you
I never thought I’d find you in this life
Broken shadows disappear at night
You’re the reason all my dreams come true
All because of you”
Oh my gosh, isn’t that so beautiful song?

Why JD choose this place to propose

“Caroline loves the water and having recently moved to Hoboken from New York City, I felt it was a great backdrop.”
Yes it was the perfect backdrop!

That moment JD knew Caroline was special

“It was when we first met and just hit it off, talking for hours on end. ”
JD knew right away that Caroline was the one! How sweet is that??

About the Proposal

At first JD and I were worried about the weather for the day of, but we were so glad it ended up being beautiful and sunny, despite the heat. JD wanted to make sure both their families would be able to come celebrate and also their puppy Clipper! JD scoped out the location the week before and thankfully we were able to plan it in an area that wasn’t crowded.
On the day of, I arrived there early and snapped some great views of the spot. I’m always excited and nervous right before it happens. Thankfully everything went perfect, she was so surprised!! Caroline didn’t even notice me until JD pointed me out. See some of my favorites here:


JD made sure both of their families could be there to celebrate including their puppy dog Clipper. We were able to get some fun shops of them as well!

Clipper the Puppy

JD knew their puppy of 4 months Clipper had to be there and made sure he was. Here are a few of my favorites of Clipper, he’s so cute! Of course after we took some beautiful portraits as well.
Congratulations Caroline and JD on your waterfront proposal in Hoboken! Thank you for choosing me to photograph this special once in a lifetime event!
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