Mythilee & Karthik’s Proposal

September 18, 2021

A September Central Park Proposal


This September Central Park proposal went absolutely perfect on a beautiful day surrounded by friends and family! Mythilee and Karthik actually met each other in the Big Apple! Read all about the day here.


How they met

Karthik: We met on a dating app in New York City about a year ago. We quickly learned how much we had in common, as we had both grown up and gone to college in Atlanta, and had tons of mutual friends!”
Sometimes the world is so small, it’s so cool how they had so many friends in common but they didn’t meet until they were both in NYC!

About their first date

Karthik: “It was in Central Park! We met near The Pond, got coffee, and then sat on a bench near the Gapstow Bridge for over 2 hours talking and realizing how much we had in common!”
I love how Karthik proposed in Central Park which is where they met 🙂

What they love to do together

“We love to go on walks (and recently bike rides) in Central Park and explore different parts of the city together. We love visiting friends in different parts of the city, trying new restaurants, and trying new healthy vegetarian recipes at home. Another favorite spot of ours is the Brooklyn Bridge! ”
Exploring NYC is one of my favorite things to do too!

Why Mythilee is so special to Karthik

“Mythilee is one of the most thoughtful and generous people you will ever meet. Despite her incredibly busy work schedule, she makes me feel so loved and supported every day. She is also just one of the happiest people in the world, she’s always smiling and laughing and making everyone else feel very warm and welcomed. Not to mention she’s drop dead gorgeous :D”
I agree with Karthik after meeting Mythilee, she is truly beautiful inside and out!

The song that remind Karthik of Mythilee

It Girl by Jason Derulo
“Can’t seem to stop you from running, running
Through my, through my mind, mind
Just keep it coming, coming
‘Til I make you mine, mine
You’ve got that something, something, I wanna be with, girl
You’re my greatest hit, girl,just say this is it, girl
Hey, baby
Don’t you know you’re my it, girl?”

Why Karthik choose this place to propose

“Mythilee’s favorite place in the world is Central Park and I actually proposed right in front of the bench that we sat on during our first date!”
He put so much thought into where he was going to propose, Karthik actually had Mythilee meet him right at that bench before he proposed! (See the pics below)

That moment Karthik knew Mythilee was the one:

“This was well after I knew I wanted to marry her, but we recently had a total disaster of a flight experience trying to go from NYC to Chicago for a weekend. Our day started at 5:30am with an 8 hour delay, and ended at 9:30pm finally arriving in Chicago, with multiple cancellations, delays, rebookings, and even a last minute bus from NYC to Philly! Throughout the whole thing, she stayed completely calm, cool, and collected, and we never lost our sense of fun and humor despite delay after delay.”


About this September Central Park Proposal

Karthik knew he wanted to propose to Mythilee in Central Park and scouted this great location. It was great because there weren’t too many people on the path but the best part was that he invited their friends and family to witness the moment close by.
On the day of, Karthik actually pretended to be away from the city on a business trip so Mythilee wouldn’t suspect anything. He had a few friends invite Mythilee to an event but before going there, stop for some pictures in Central Park. Karthik was waiting for her on the bench where they went on their first date and she was surprised to see him. Then he took her to this perfect location and popped the question! See all of the moments here:
September Central Park Proposal Photo

Family & Friends

As an added bonus, Karthik made sure to have all of their friends and family ready to celebrate on the bridge overlooking the spot! After he proposed, he pointed them out to Mythilee and she was overwhelmed. I love it when couples bring family and friends to join in these special moments of life.

Central Park Portraits in September

Central Park in September is one of my favorite times of the year. Although it was a bit warm on this day, it made for gorgeous portraits. This location was beautiful, here are a few of my favorites!
September Central Park Proposal Photo September Central Park Proposal Photo September Central Park Proposal Photo September Central Park Proposal Photo September Central Park Proposal Photo September Central Park Proposal Photo September Central Park Proposal Photo September Central Park Proposal Photo
Congratulations Mythilee & Karthik on your September Central Park proposal in NYC! The day couldn’t have been more perfect and I’m so glad I had the chance to meet your friends and family!
Tell me, what was your favorite part of this day? Read more joyful stories here.

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  1. Mohana Raman says:

    What a lovely Story. Congratulations to the young couple & Best wishes.
    Mami Paatti Mohana & Mama Thatha Sethu Raman